Case Design
Design is just as important for us as functionality. The sleek Case design was a large focus. It traces the curves of the iPhone. Using only the highest quality of materials it is designed carefully to the smallest detail. The Safeskin Case is available in 3 different colors.
The Eye is much more than just a gadget. It's a stylish accessory for both men and women that adds an extra twist to your outfit. It can be worn in multiple ways. It comes in two different colors: black and white.
Many Add-ons for the wearable Eye
The trendy and stylish Eye can be worn in many different ways and styles with our different add-on variations.
Our Story

The team
Peter Macher
CEO/CTO with 10+ years of leadership experience in developing and manufacturing hardware products. Peter is the leader, who makes things happen.
Csongor Sohajda
Our COO, Csongor is the visionary behind our products. After studying Entrepreneurship at USC he decided it was time for his own startup. He leads us in our everydays towards a successful future.
Julia Sohajda
Head of Business Development USC alumn with experience at a VC in California. She is using all her business skills, knowledge and connections to turn Safeskin into a global brand.
Abel Sohajda
Our CFO, who makes sure we allocate our funds in the most efficient way to achieve the highest profits possible.
Richard Szilagyi
Chief Electric Engineer with a passion for always creating something innovative. Richard is the genius who makes our products work.