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 Company Information
  1. Name of service provider: Traqle Zrt.
  2. The providers headquarters: 8000 Székesfehérvár, Mártírok útja 3/B.
  3. The provider can be contacted at:
  4. The public authority that registered the company:Székesfehérvári Törvényszék Cégbírósága
  5. Tax number: 26135281-2-07
  6. Details about the hosting provider:

Company name: Shopify Inc.

Headquarter: 150 Elgin St, Suite 800, Ottawa, ON, K2P 1L4, Kanada





Frequently asked questions


How loud is the alarm on the Eye?

It is 100 dB.

How long is the alert and how do I switch off?

It keeps on alerting until the Case and Eye get back into each other’s safety range and the owner presses the button for 5 seconds on the Eye.

What is the range of the alert distance?

There are two different options. The user can choose between them in the application. There is a smaller range (about 30 feet) and a larger one (about 100 feet).

What happens if I go to the bathroom with my phone in my pocket, but the Eye remains in my bag?

If your alarm function is turned on then as soon as you get out of the Eye’s safety range both accessories will start to alarm. You can easily turn this off by pushing the button of the Eye for 5 seconds. And in case your in a SafeZone that you have set up earlier then the alarm won’t even go off.

How do I switch back to normal mode after an alert?

You just have to switch off the alarm by pressing the button on the Eye for 5 seconds within in the Case’s safety range. As soon as the alarm turns off everything is automaticallay back to normal.

How do I find my keys, bag etc. if I am using several Eyes?

You can easily manage your Eyes in the Safeskin application. When you put a given Eye on any of your belongings, you can name it in the app. When you are looking for something then you can simply ring the given Eye with light or sound or both through the application.

What happens if I lose my Eye?

You can’t loose your Eye because it is virtually connected to the phone. So if you were to lose it then both would start to alarm.

Is the Eye compatible with Android phones?

Not at the moment. However, we are planning on developing for Androids as well in the future.

What is the material of the Case? Is it drop proof?

The material of the case is PC ABS. Yes, the case is drop proof.

Does wireless charging work with my Case on?

Yes wireless charging works through the Beat Case.