5 ways people lose cameras and 5 ways a bluetooth tracker can save them

It is a horrifying feeling when you realize that you have lost some of your stuff while on a trip. It can be even more unpleasant if that stuff is your expensive camera with your valuable photos on it. Here are 5 cases, where an Eye-Pro Bluetooth Tracker could have easily saved a camera, and most probably a mini heart attack for the owner.

Reddit has around 200 posts from people who have found a camera and would like to return it to its owner. Needless to say, the owners of these cameras belong to the luckier ones, who got a second chance, but most people aren’t this lucky. However, this gives us an insight about where people tend to lose their cameras.

1. Lost camera while hitchhiking

A Dutch couple has been on holiday in Ireland. They have been travelling around the country by hitchhiking. When they were travelling through County Kerry someone has picked them up, but when they left the car, they accidentally left their camera (with all the precious holiday memories). It could’ve been a heartbreaking moment when they figured out that they have left the camera in the car.

At the end they got lucky as the driver has posted the story on Reddit, and it got shared by the Kingdom of Kerry Facebook page. The post even made it to the site of a Dutch newsagent (rtlnieuws.nl), and the camera was returned to its owner. However, this might not be the kind of fame they wished to achieve, and the eye-pro linked to the camera bag could have saved them from this hassle.

2. Cyclist losing camera at an intersection

A cyclist in Austin has been rushing through an intersection when he dropped his camera on the street without noticing it. A tourist has picked up the camera and posted it on Reddit, but what are the chances that this would happen and not someone pick up the camera to take it for himself? Again, if he had a tracker attached to the camera, he would’ve realized it in a few meters and could have just simply gone back to pick it up.

3. Car sharing becomes camera sharing?

Another unlucky guy has left his camera in a Car2Go car near Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C. In this case it seems like the owner never got back the camera. According to the discussion, Car2Go lost and found policy is quite weak, so our bluetooth tracker, again, could have saved the camera and the memories on it.

4. St. James Park, London

Finishing off your picnic while on holiday? Make sure you do not leave your rubbish, and your camera behind. This is exactly what happened to a French teenager, when on his school trip to London, he has forgotten his camera in St. James Park. It is not easy to hold up a whole class while you are looking for your camera in a park. With the Eye-pro attached to the camera bag, it wouldn’t have taken longer than 2 minutes.

“Hey you drunk hipster.” This guy was having fun at a local handcrafted beer brewery in Greenville. Most probably after a few beers he forgot something, and on the next day, (if he was smart enough to check Reddit for his camera), he could see this: “Hey you drunk hipster.  Did you have one too many sour beers last night and leave your camera?  I turned it in to Lions Roar CrossFit.  If you can describe it they will give it back.” Now, this is not exactly the situation where you want to place yourself. Next time dude, bring your Eye-pro and chill out instead of freaking out.

5. Camera left on Appalachian trail

The 3500 km long trail ranging from height of 38m to 2000, is not exactly the easiest place to find your lost camera on. Leaving a camera while hiking is actually the most common way people use their cameras. One beautiful spot after another, having a little snack before attacking the peak, and whoops you find yourself grabbing for your camera bag which could be anywhere.

How to not lose your camera

You do not have to be a photographer to understand the shock that people in these situations experienced. Save yourself a camera, time, and blood pressure by getting your EYE PRO and downloading the Safeskin App on your phone.

You will never lose your camera bag (or any other stuff) again, just: 
1. Hook on/attach the EYE PRO to your camera
2. Pair your EYE PRO to with the Safeskin app
3. Press the “Link” button in the application
4. Wait a second till the blue LED flashes up
5. Your ready to go! Your phone will immediately notify you if you leave your Camera behind